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Hello, Welcome to the Sermon Podcasting Mini Course where you will learn all you need to know to make your church’s weekly sermon available as a podcast. This course is designed for someone who has little to no knowledge of audio technology. By the end of this course, you should be hooked up, dialed in and ready to record, post and share your sermons.

Why I am offering this course for free. It’s because I want to see the word go forth. While working with my customers of Closer Sharing I realized that by helping churches understand and overcome some basic sound issues I could play a big part in seeing the Word go out. So here it is 6 short lesson below. See you in the lessons.

Lesson 1: Getting Hooked Up.

  • Mixer Basics
  • Choosing the proper cable.
  • Computer Setup – Checking to make sure it is not messing up your sound.

Lesson 2: Improve Your Sound

  • Setting up Proper Gain Staging
  • Dealing with Hum, hiss, and distortion.

Lesson 3: The Recorder

  • How to choose the right recorder
  • Recording the Sermon

Lesson 4: Preparing the File

  • Editing, Tagging, Encoding, Adding intros and outros.

Lesson 5: Storage and Hosting (coming soon)

  • Choosing the right host for you.

Lesson 6: Submitting Your Feed (coming soon)

  • The main libraries and how to submit to them.
  • Listing sermons on your website